Month: April 2015

153 JSJ Careers for Junior Developers with Aimee Knight

02:26 – Aimee Knight Introduction Twitter GitHub Blog Message Systems 02:48 – Figure Skating => Programming Persistence Balance Between Mind and Body 05:03 – Blogging (Aimee’s Blog) 06:02 – Becoming Interested in Programming Treehouse @treehouse Code School @codeschool Rails Girls @railsgirls RailsBridge @railsbridge 08:43 – Why Boot Camps? 10:04 – Mentors Identifying a Mentor Continuing…

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201 RR Game Development with Andrea Magnorsky

Thank you RailsClips Kickstarter Backers!   02:27 – Andrea Magnorsky Introduction Twitter GitHub Blog [YouTube] Andrea Magnorsky: The Tools that Shape Us BatCat Games @batcatgames Blog   @roundcrisis (Andrea’s Game-Related Twitter Account) 02:56 – “What Game Developers Know That Business Devs Can Benefit From” Going From Enterprise => Professional Game Dev Andrew O’Connor, co-founder of…

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