Month: June 2016

214 JSJ Pebble with Heiko Behrens and François Baldassari

Check out Newbie Remote Conf!   02:11 – Heiko Behrens Introduction Twitter GitHub Blog 02:42 – François Baldassari Introduction Twitter GitHub 03:04 – JavaScript and Pebble Espruino jerryscript 06:40 – Watch vs Phone Pebble.js 09:32 – Memory Constraints and Code Size Limitations APIs rockyjs tween.js 26:24 – Advantages of Writing in JavaScript 32:09 – Capabilities of the…

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262 RR Community and Mentoring with Ra’Shaun “Snuggs” Stovall and Noel Sagaille

Check out Ruby Remote Conf!   02:12 – Ra’Shaun “Snuggs” Stovall Introduction Twitter GitHub Facebook 02:29 – Noel Sagaille Introduction Twitter GitHub Censible 02:56 – The Pomodoro Technique Parkinson's Law 04:43 – Community and Community Leaders The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss “Hometraining” Being John Malkovich Polyphasic Sleep…

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