Month: January 2017

MJS #001: Keith Horwood

On today's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood welcomes Keith Horwood. Keith was previously on ep 220 of Jabbascript Jabber talking about Nodal. On this, the first episode of My JS Story, we'll find out more about Keith and what makes him tick as a programmer. Tune in to MJS #001: Keith Horwood.

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AiA 126 Incrementally Upgrading an Application to Angular 2 with Danny Blue

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Alyssa Nickel, Ward Bell, and Joe Eames discuss Incrementally Upgrading an Application to Angular 2 with Danny Blue. Danny is a brand manager at LiveSafe, and is an expert when it comes to web technology. Danny talks about upgrading jQuery spa.   

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JSJ 245 Styled Components and react-boilerplate with Max Stoiber

On today's episode, Aimee and Chuck welcome Maximillian "Max" Stoiber to the show. Max hails from Austria and is an expert in open source development at Think Mill. Tune in to JSJ 245 Styled Components and React-Boilerplate with Max Stoiber.

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