Month: February 2017

235 FS The Difference Between Menu Pricing and Productized Services

On episode 235 of The Freelancers Show,  Jonathan Stark talks about The Difference Between Menu Pricing and Product Services. This episode is a follow-up to the previous one on productized services. Stay tuned and learn more about today's topic.

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MJS #003: Max Lynch

On today's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood welcomes Max Lynch. Max is part of the Ionic Framework and has appeared on episode 126 in the JavaScript Jabber show. Tune in to My JS Story Max Lynch as he shares his journey to becoming part of the world of programming.

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188 iPS iOS Security

On episode 188 of iPhreaks, Jaim Zuber and Anastasia talk about iOS Security. Anastasia has been doing a lot of talk about it. It is a topic which is often thought that's been covered enough but not quite in reality. Stay tuned and learn how secure iOS Security really is.

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