Month: November 2018

JSJ 338: It’s Supposed To Hurt, Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone to Master Your Craft with Christopher Buecheler

Panel: Aimee Knight AJ O’Neal Aaron Frost Christopher Ferdinandi Special Guests: Christopher Buecheler In this episode, the panel talks with Christopher Buecheler who is an author, blogger, web developer, and founder of CloseBrace. The panel and Christopher talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone. With a technological world that is ever changing, it is…

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EMx 026: Higher Level Functions GenState Deployments with Bill Peregoy

Panel: Mark Ericksen Josh Adams Charles Max Wood Special Guest: Bill Peregoy In this episode of Elixir Mix, the panel talks with Bill Peregoy who is a software engineer who uses Elixir and loves Graph QL. The panel talks with Bill about his Elixir background, in addition to past and current projects. Check out today’s…

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