Month: November 2019

JSJ 406: Security in Node

Today the panel is talking about security features that are being added to Node 13. AJ talks about the background and what he’s working with Let’s Encrypt. He talks about changes that Node has made to the TLS module. TLS is a handshake that happens between a client and a server. They exchange certificates, generate…

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EMx 076: MUD Development and Grapevine

On this episode of Elixir Mix the panelists interview Eric Oestrich, one of the regular panelists for the show. Eric is a developer at SmartLogic where he works with Elixir and recently has been working with deployments. He has a project called Grapevine which is similar to steam but for text games. Mark opens up…

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DevOps 015: Shiplane with John Epperson

This episode of Adventures in DevOps is joined by John Epperson. John is a developer and has worked in DevOps for his whole career spanning about 12 years. He is also the author of Shiplane. John made Shiplane after working with Docker for a while and getting fed up with some features not being as…

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