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MJS 154: Soumyajit Pathak

Sponsor CacheFly Host Charles Max Wood Special Guest Soumyajit Pathak Links Https:// @drenther Picks Charles Max Wood: The Masked Singer DevChatTV Meetups Soumyajit Pathak: For building rich text editors Follow us on Twitter > @DevChatTV

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RRU 041: Design Patterns with Soumyajit Pathak

Panel: Lucas Reis Charles Max Wood Justin Bennett Special Guest: Soumyajit Pathak In this episode, the panelists talk with Soumyajit Pathak (India) who is a full-stack developer and cybersecurity enthusiast. The panel and the guest talk about design patterns and designing simpler code for clarity and less confusion. Check out today’s episode! Show Topics: 0:00…

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