A Podcast For Every Development Community

Our mission is to provide a high quality podcast for every programming community and to help every developer find the resources they need to stay current.

Many communities get together several times per year at various conferences around the world to learn, talk, and connect. In reality, only a small fraction of those communities have the opportunity to attend the conferences and participate in the conversations that occur at the conferences.

Our podcasts provide the opportunity for developers to drop in on a conversation about topics that are timely and relevant to what they're doing. We find panelists and guests from around the community who are working on the tools, techniques, and technologies that drive software development.

We invite developers to listen to our podcasts, leave comments, and suggest topics or guests they'd like to have participate in the conversations we have as part of Devchat.tv

Helping Every Developer Find the Learning Resources

We work to help developers find resources that will help them stay current. These resources may be free resources on the web or paid resources like books, courses, and workshops.

Our panelists discuss the resources relevant to each topic they discuss as well as give our guests opportunities to promote resources they're aware of or have created to help developers keep up. We also provide lists of resources on our blog recommending places where developers can grow their skills.

Finally, we recognize that successful developers don't only have technical skills. They also have interpersonal and career related skills. We aim to provide discussions about these topics that will help guide programmers to build successful and fulfilling careers.

Our Values

Our core values at Devchat.tv are:

  • Results Driven
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Conscientious Ongoing Learning
  • Creating Freedom
  • A "Wow!" Experience

Results Driven

At Devchat.tv, we're all about the results. We ask ourselves if we're getting the outcome we want for the podcasts and for the podcast network.

We're just as dedicated to getting results for our listeners. We do this by having the conversations that teach programmers how to get the results they want. We also try to have conversations with them online and at live events to get an idea of what it is they should know to have skills that transfer into the future.

We also work to build shows that cover topics and technologies that will shape the future and that developers will need to understand to build applications in whatever landscape comes our way.

Extreme Ownership

We believe that we are responsible for where we are, where we're going, and what we've done. Ultimately, we look forward to where we want to be and take ownership of all aspects of reaching our vision.

We recognize that we can't control everything, but we do take ownership of the decisions we make that lead to the problems we will encounter and the successes we have. We're responsible for being prepared for what's going to come.

We also take ownership of the outcomes we prepare our audiences to achieve. This means that we are constantly looking forward to the things that developers need to know to succeed now and skills they need for the future.

Conscientious Ongoing Learning

Everyone at Devchat.tv is committed to doing and being better at everything they do. We also recognize that many people listen to our content so they can become better at what they do.

Our learning is deliberate and focused. We constantly strive to learn the things that will drive the results we care about.

Creating Freedom

In order to get the results we want, we recognize that we need to be able to create the opportunities we need and develop the skills we need to take advantage of them.

This means that we work to meet the people that can provide us with the opportunities to accomplish what we want. Our podcasts will introduce our listeners to people and ideas that, if pursued, will prepare them for opportunities to come their way or allow them to create chances to advance toward what they want.

We also work to create freedom for our team members to grow and create the lifestyle they desire.

A "Wow!" Experience

In order to have the impact we want, we need to give people a reason to continue to listen. We also take extreme ownership of creating an excellent experience for our listeners and communities.

We do this by providing incredible value, education, and entertainment. We also provide a wide variety of content that will cover topics across many disciplines to help people excel.

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