02:06 - Minko Gechev Introduction

03:57 - Immutability

05:11 - Why is immutability interesting to Angular developers?

09:19 - Side Effects

12:18 - Are immutable data structures in conflict with large quantities of data?

16:18 - How does the track by syntax help/affect you?

19:05 - Angular 2 and Immutable Data

21:30 - Immutable Data and Observables

25:14 - Getting Started

26:26 - Minko’s Background with Immutability

27:36 - The Evolution of Immutability

28:52 - Functional User Interface

29:29 - Data in, UI out

32:30 - Case Studies and Examples Where Immutability Has Worked Ideally


The Little Mermaid Musical (Katya)
Primitive.io (Joe)
Douglas Crockford: The Better Parts (John)
DuckTales (John)
Camp Pluralsight (John)
Cell Phone Tripod Adapter (Chuck)
NeewerHandheld Video Stabilizer for DV GoPro Mini Cameras (Chuck)
Michael Feathers: The Deep Synergy Between Testability and Good Design (Minko)



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