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02:48 – Andrew Connell Introduction

03:16 – Building for an Office Platform

08:12 – How do you host Angular code?

09:56 – Why Angular in this situation?

14:41 – SharePoint Add-ins

27:32 – Adoption, Uptake

29:29 – Office UI Fabric

33:03 – What’s the plan for Angular 2?

  • The Binding Syntax


Shannara (John)
[] Getting Started with Redux (Lukas)
View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack (Lukas)
Dan Abramov’s work on React (Ward)

JavaScript Jabber Episode 179: redux and React with Dan Abramov (Chuck)
JavaScript Jabber Episode 181: The Evolution of Flux Libraries with Andrew Clark and Dan Abramov (Chuck)
Star Wars (Joe)
Sphero BB-8 (Joe)
Build-A-Bear Chewbacca (Joe)
The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack (Joe)
LambdaConf (Joe)
MyFitnessPal (Chuck)
Allrecipes (Chuck)
A gym membership (Chuck)

The Nike+ Running App (Chuck)
Run 10k (Chuck)
Aftershokz Blues 2 (Chuck)
The Twelve Factor App (Andrew) (Andrew)
The Innovators (How a Group of Hackers Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution) by Walter Isaacson (Andrew)




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