04:33 – Inspired by Scott Hanselman: Bring Kindness back to Open Source

06:02 – Cultivating a Community

08:53 – Making it Easier for People to Contribute

  • “No Meanness Rule” and Etiquette
  • PDI = Please Do Investigate

19:33 – Responding to PRs

20:52 – Contribution Guidelines

32:38 – Being an Effective Contributor

41:18 – Responding to Unrelated Pull Requests & Opening Issues

47:55 – Working with Large Open Source Projects


lite-server (Joe)
The Goldbergs (Joe)
Review: In ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl,’ a Hormone Bomb Waiting to Explode (Ward)
Code Folding in Visual Studio Code (John)
How Lucasfilm made Star Wars’ first official VR lightsaber battle (John)