01:56 – TJ VanToll Introduction

03:08 – Code Sharing

06:35 – Components and Directives

13:09 – NativeScript and Electron

15:02 – Business Model

16:07 – Compatability; Multi/Cross-Platform Capability

17:31 – Why Use NativeScript?

26:41 – Performance and Usability; Hybrid and Native

30:21 – iOS Concerns; Xamarin

37:23 – Where is NativeScript heading? (Future Visions and Plans)

38:21 – Getting Started with NativeScript


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Rogue One Star Wars Trailer (John)
HoloLens (Chuck)
.NET Rocks! (Chuck)
MicroConf (Chuck)
Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered DIY Amazon Echo (Chuck)
The 5th Wave Book Series (TJ)
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