02:59 – Rob Wormald Introduction

03:46 – Stephen Fluin Introduction

04:28 – Improvements Coming for Routing in Angular

08:22 – Syntax

11:10 – Preloading Data

13:59 – Brian Ford’s Router => The New Router

17:23 – Does the new router do these things?

  • Can I click on a link and tell it to go to a route?
  • Can I pass parameters; multiple parameters?
  • Can I add multiple routes to multiple different regions on the page?
  • If I’m a child component, can I reach up and learn anything about my parent, and if so, what can I do?
  • Will, with this router, do I have the option of Lazy loading the routes or loading them all up front?
  • Can I route to two different states on the same page?

23:28 – Auxiliary Route

24:51 – Offline Compilation

29:38 – Bundling; Development Experience

32:46 – Relative Pass

41:25 – Treeshaking

43:21 – What’s left before Angular goes live?




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