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Adventures in Angular is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Angular JavaScript framework and related technologies, tools, languages, and practices.


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105 AiA Augury with Igor Kamenetsky

Angular Remote Conference

1:35 – Introducing Igor Kamenetsky

2:07 – What does “Augury” mean?

5:25 – Using Augury in Chrome

9:10- Augury in other browsers

10:20 – Microsoft Debugging Tools

11:54 – Favorite Chrome developer techniques and Augury tips

14:22 – Challenges with Batarang

15:55 – Creating informative graphics

18:15 – Managing app component communications

21:25 – Angular Connect 2016

24:10 – Angular’s engagement with the community

28:30 –  Router compatibility

29:40 – Feedback and Troubleshooting for Augury

35:15 – Navigating ID’s in Augury

39:30 – Angular Two Features

45:55 – Router Tree View

48:30 – View Source Feature

50:00 – The future of Augury


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New Jason Bourne film (don’t see it!) (Joe)

Wood Badge (Charles)

Boy Scouts of America (Charles)

Tifie Scout Camp (Charles)

Angular Remote Conference – Use the code “podcast” to get 25% off registration (Charles)

Finding Dory (Igor)

TypeScript guide by Basarat (Igor)

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