105 AiA Augury with Igor Kamenetsky

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Angular Remote Conference

1:35 - Introducing Igor Kamenetsky

  • Company website
  • Github
  • Email him: gor.kamenetsky@rangle.io
  • Augury Github
  • Slack Team Chat
  • Augury Wiki 2:07 - What does “Augury” mean?5:25 - Using Augury in Chrome 9:10- Augury in other browsers10:20 - Microsoft Debugging Tools
  • Debugging for Windows 11:54 - Favorite Chrome developer techniques and Augury tips14:22 - Challenges with Batarang15:55 - Creating informative graphics18:15 - Managing app component communications21:25 - Angular Connect 201624:10 - Angular’s engagement with the community
  • Rangle’s Angular 2 Training Guide 28:30 -  Router compatibility29:40 - Feedback and Troubleshooting for Augury
  • Joe’s screenshot
  • Github 35:15 - Navigating ID’s in Augury39:30 - Angular Two Features45:55 - Router Tree View48:30 - View Source Feature50:00 - The future of Augury


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