1:50 – Introducing Nate Murray

2:45 – Redux and Angular 2

5:45 – Using Redux with apps

16:20 – Practical applications with Redux

24:35 – What problems does Redux solve?

28:00 – Mutable state

31:30 – Challenges in Redux

32:25 – Tradeoffs using NgRx

43:15 – Flow changes in Redux

45:40 – Redux and observables

52:45 – Simplifying data structures without using Redux


Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow (Ward)

“Out of the Tar Pit” by Ben Moseley and Peter Marks (Lukas)

RxJS Overview (Lukas)

Fishing and fish frys with family (Charles)

Using Angular 2 Patterns in Angular 1.x Apps by Lukas Ruebbelke (Nate)

Building Angular 2 Applications with Immutable.js and Redux by Houssein Djirdeh (Nate)

“A Cambrian and Explosion of Consensual Realities” by Venkatesh Rao (Nate)