1:20 – What is the Angular router?

4:20 – Router links

5:20 – Child routing

7:00 – Defining a router and a path

10:05 – Controlling browser history

11:05 – Push state versus hash state

15:10 – Style guides and best practices

16:45 – Configuring the routes

19:10 – Router guards

26:55 – Resolve guards

30:20 – Lazy routing and eager routing

38:30 – How to get started with routing


Oakland Raiders (John)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (John)

Rogue One (John)

Catalyst by James Luceno (John)

The Eagle Huntress (Ward)

Evans Mill (Charles)

Aaron Walker (Charles)

NYC City Pass (Charles)

Statue of Liberty (Charles)

Ellis Island (Charles)

Empire State Building (Charles)

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (Charles)

911 Tribute Center (Charles)

Microsoft Connect Keynote (Charles)

Javascript Jabber (Charles)

iPhreaks (Charles)


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