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GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Lukas Ruebbelke, Joe Eames, and Alyssa Nickel discuss GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein. Uri is a core developer at Meteor Development Group.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a new way to query data from your server. It’s great for your software’s performance and maintenance. Another good thing about GraphQL is that it’s free for anyone to use, and is available from Facebook.In contrast to REST (Representational State Transfer), the client gets to decide the information received from the server. You have the guarantee that you get the exact information you want.

Transitioning to GraphQL

There are many ways to change REST projects to GrpahQL. This new query language was started as a project to put a layer above an existing system in Facebook. It’s set to take your existing structure and just put a new API above it.It’s not necessary to optimize your existing servers to GraphQL. You can be content with just using GraphQL as a middleware. However, this is not possible to some large organizations.

Angular and GraphQL

The easiest way to learn about GraphQL is to look at it. It's self-explanatory. Once you start using it, you'll find how easy and composable it is. Components are popular these days, but you'll find issues when you query the server. GraphQL allows you to put the queries next to the component. With Angular, it simply means you get to keep components composable and reusable even when you need data from the server.To hear about GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein, download and listen to the entire episode. Uri would love to hear from you! Send him a message at, or connect with him at LinkedIn or Github.If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of GraphQL and Apollo with Uri Goldshtein:What is GraphQL? ([1:36])Transitioning to GraphQL? ([8:13)Angular and GraphQL? ([13:52])What is Apollo? ([17:14])GraphiQL in-browser? ([26:14])What about subscriptions? ([34:38])GraphQL specifications? ([42:35]) Available back-end languages? ([46:24])

Picks: (Lukas and Uri) (Lukas) GraphQL Implementation of Star Wars API (Lukas)Carrie Fisher (Joe)ngVikings 2017 Workshop (Joe)Angular 2 Fundamentals Course (Joe and Alyssa)Battlestar Galactica (Charles) (Uri) (Uri) Narwhal IO (Uri)

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