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Organizing Non-traditional Developer Events

On today’s episode, Alyssa Nicoll, Joe Eames, Tracy Lee, John Papa, Ward Bell discuss  Organizing Non-traditional Developer Events.  Tune in to their exciting talk, and learn how these events are organized!

Organizing Outside the Box

When Tracy learned JavaScript over a year and a half ago, she wanted to try doing something beyond the ordinary, particularly in organizing events and meet-ups in the JavaScript world. She thought of mixing some sort of entertainment in it. In this way, people learn better because they are enjoying. Joe also shares his experience in organizing ng conferences. Most of the events he has arranged in the past were done in the traditional way. However, ng conference is different from the usual. He's a believer of innovations and a supporter of coming up with brilliant ideas to spark a difference.

What Drives the Need to Innovate?

Increasing the chance of engagement among speakers and participants is one of the things that feeds the notion of necessary changes in events. One example Tracy pointed out is the Interactive Angular they do daily in ng cruise which takes place in half an hour. It is through this that everyone gets the chance to exchange what they have in mind and bond with one another.Every attendee has his own reasons for joining the conference. Most of them basically just want to talk to people and ask them for their opinions in a particular aspect. Long breaks between talks help foster this.

What Makes the Idea Interesting?

Innovating the way developer events are conducted from how they are usually done brings so many opportunities inside the community. Gaps are filled in and bridges are built across the experts and the novice. Conferences do not only create relationships among participants, but also provide employees to take a break from work. Some even get employed right there and then. Improvements in events hype up the community to learn from and inspire one another.To hear about Organizing Non-traditional Developer Events, download and listen to the entire episode. Joe and Tracy would love to hear from you! Follow them on their Twitter accounts and ask them questions on today's topic:Joe's TwitterTracy's TwitterIf you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Organizing Non-traditional Developer Events:How the idea of organizing developer events outside the box started? (00:41)The drive to innovate? (03:29)What's in organizing events that make it interesting? (11:08)Some reasons why employees attend conferences? (13:50)One of the biggest fears of an organizer? (33:04)


John: LIFX, WEMO, and I.T. movieTracy: SousVide Machine and Contributor DaysJoe: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, NG cruise, and Wassim Chegham on TwitterAlyssa: Overwatch


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