AiA 129 How do I Start My Single Page App?

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How do I Start My Single Page App?

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Joe Eames, John Papa, Lukas Ruebbelke, and Ward Bell discuss How do I Start My Single Page App. Tune in and learn about the major concerns in starting the app!

Starting a Single Page Application

Charles has been working on Ruby on Rails for quite some time already. But, there's still so much for him to learn. He has been using angular to enhance pages. Currently, he is interested in learning about how he can start a single page app. Charles wants to know if there's any way he can learn easily.

Understanding Where to Start

There are a number of concerns to begin with. With regards to an overarching layout, one may ask where to start placing its parts. Ruby developers are used to guide the entire application experience from the server. When a user inputs data, it goes back to the server. The server then acknowledges it, and creates a new page for the user.

Advantages of a Single Page Application

The server is responsible for sending the new bit to the user. How responsive a site is depends on the server. Speed is among the good things you'll enjoy with a single page application as it uses less bandwidth. It does not block out the huge parts of the page when an update is requested. Also, it has a higher chance of being more resilient.To hear about How do I Start a Single Page App, download and listen to the entire episode. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of How do I Start a Single Page App:Starting a single page application? (00:48)Concerns on starting the app? (9:31)Putting basic styles into the component? (15:08)Security and data validation? (26:06)Having the same look and feel? (47:37)


Ward: (1:00:40) Joe: Angular 2 Names at, Jackie Chan's Railroad Tigers John: SVRF Tabs plugin by Chrome, Octotree plugin by Chrome Charles: GO PUCK phone charging company, Electro Voice RE-20 microphone,


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