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NG-Conf Speaker Selection Process

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Joe Eames, John Papa, Ward Bell, Alyssa Nicoll, Jeff Whelpley, and Dave Geddes discuss NG-Conf Speaker Selection Process. Tune in and learn how the organizers choose the speakers for the event!

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

NG-Conf 2017 has 5 organizers, among whom are 2 community members. The selection process proved to be difficult and exciting at the same time. From 270 submissions, the choice of speakers boiled down to a relatively small number. It has never been enjoyable to break the hearts of many amazing people who wanted to speak. Much time has been invested for the submission alone.

The Selection Criteria

The title, category, and description are the main things to look out for in the selection process. To help aspiring speakers determine their topic, the organizers suggest that they attend the Google Hangout session. It pays to know those concerns that stand out the most. NG-Conf is a single-track conference. The organizers want the topic to apply to the majority of attendees. They find it more interesting to have a talk about the best practices and not merely about the general lessons learned in doing something.

The Selection Process

Aspiring speakers have about 30 seconds to stand out in the first phase. The organizers try to figure out the right person by knowing whether everybody has a strong impression of him. Titles matter a lot in the selection process. For this, aspiring speakers are advised to list down at least 10 different titles before coming up with the final one. The title should stand out enough to be noticed.To hear about NG-Conf Speaker Selection Process, download and listen to the entire episode. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of NG-Conf Speaker Selection Process:A one-of-a-kind experience? (2:34)The selection criteria? (6:43)The selection process? (10:41)How to stand out enough? (26:59)Number of submissions? (42:13) Interesting things at NG-Conf? (44:24)


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