AiA 131 Security and Angular with Brian Clark

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Security and Angular with Brian Clark

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Joe Eames, John Papa, Ward Bell, Alyssa Nicoll, Jules Kremer, and Lukas Reubbelke discuss Security and Angular with Brian Clark. Brian is a web developer and an architect. He is into secured application development practices. Tune in and learn more about Angular and about security in building applications.

What is Security?

Security is one of the most important things to consider in developing applications. It covers having authentication, authorization, certificates, and HTTPS, and making sure that your network traffic is secure. Everything is moving forward to HTTPS. Encryption is used to get certificates easier and establish HTTPS connections. People used to think that it slows things down, but in reality it's really fast now.

What is Authentication?

Authentication is being able to identify oneself such as using cookies. It is a way of presenting yourself whether as a system or a user. The typical approach to establish one's identity is through the username and password. Nowadays, a lot of systems send text messages to your personal phone that you set up or email. That's where two-factor or multi-factor authentication comes in.

The Talk

The Talk uses both Angular and Node for authentication. It shows cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery, indicating that those can undermine those forms of authentication used in authorization. In cross-site scripting, arbitrary code can be injected into a web application. It can then be used to track and ex-filtrate information. When this procedure is accomplished, the whole framework that used to present your identity won't matter anymore because your information is already plugged into the system.To hear about Security and Angular with Brian Clark, download and listen to the entire episode.If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Security and Angular with Brian Clark:What is security? (00:57)What is authentication? (3:36)What is The Talk? (5:44)Concern on risk of using cross-site scripting? (6:56)Security concerns covered in web designing? (20:57) What is Lusca? (29:59) A good way to keep up with the latest security exploits? (34:04) What is Click jacking? (38:00)


Alyssa: Egg, Inc. John: Getting Started with Node. js Security with Express and Angular by Brian Clark and Core de ForceCharles: Autonomous DesksBrian: Raspberry-pi and Mr. Robot (show on USA Network)


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