Joe Eames

Alyssa Nicoll

Charles Max Wood

Ward Bell

Aaron Frost

In the episode of Adventures in Angular, the panel’s discussion topic is about upgrading Angular. The panel covers preparation and the difficulties of getting started with the upgrade service. Notably, basic users do not understand the process of the updated with simple applications. Also, playing with the idea to rewrite your applications in Angular directly, or do we just upgrade?

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • NG upgrading – preparation with a module loader.
  • It is a mess to get started
  • Look at you Angular JSJ, and ask what am I gaining by doing this?
  • Can you write it in a different Angular directly?
  • How long till am I off of Angular JS or Backbone?
  • Application is written in Angular JS
  • Legacy documentation for updates
  • Annotating and bundling
  • Angular solves the performance stuff
  • Having someone in charge of it will have a smooth transition
  • Convenient function with upgrading
  • Upgrading big applications vs. Rewriting.
  • Typescript
  • Migration
  • Upgrading components
  • and much more!