Charles Max Wood

Special Guests: Tomek Sułkowski

In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists discuss UX in Angular with Tomek Sułkowski. Tomek currently works as a front-end engineer for an app creating company, as well as has been working for Sages running front-end workshops that mostly have to do with Angular. They talk about his blog post, buttons, and improving the user experience. They also touch on the importance of using simple solutions rather than overcomplicated ones, how to teach UI in training, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Tomek intro
  • Tomek blog post: Angular techniques: Improve submit button’s UX by NOT disabling it
  • Use a simple directive
  • The disabled button
  • Think about how the user will use it when coding
  • Using disable submit button when submitting a form
  • Are there other things that people do that hurt their user experience?
  • Making the UI easier for users
  • Looking into animations to improve user experience
  • Angular
  • Angular Router Animations: the tricky bits by Tomek
  • Routing from one path to another
  • Small animations can go a long way
  • The importance of not overcomplicating things
  • What is the approach you take for teaching UI in your training?
  • Know who you’re teaching
  • Buttons
  • Buttons make the interface much more usable
  • Building forms
  • Template based forms
  • And much, much more!