• Joe Eames
  • Aaron Frost
  • Alyssa Nicoll
  • Ward Bell

Joined by Special Guest: Ben Nadel


Ben Nadel introduces the irrational demonization of two-way data-binding in Angular as a topic for the panel. The panel discusses the survey that put Angular in a poor light and favors React; acknowledging that a fair survey is hard to find. The panel considers how technologies that are now out of favor changed the web. The panel compares Angular to other frameworks and considers what to they can do about other frameworks. Ward Bell invites the panel to try other frameworks and find what is beautiful, not just ignore them or diss unknown frameworks. Ben talks about his companies move away from Angular and the opportunity this presents for him to learn about other frameworks.



Joe Eames

Aaron Frost

Ward Bell

  • Learn how to sharpen a pencil

Ben Nadel



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