AiA 246: Migrating Material: AngularJS -> Angular with Michael Prentice

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  • Aaron Frost
  • Joe Eames
  • Brian Love

Joined by Special Guest: Michael Prentice

Episode Summary

Michael Prentice is the owner of DevIntent and an AngularJS Material Lead Maintainer at AngularJS Material is built on top of Angular so Michael works really closely with the Google teams. Michael and panel discuss the process of upgrading to AngularJS to Angular. Even though the process itself is arduous, the panel agrees thats it is still better than upgrading to for example Vue. Michael then talks about how Google handles this as they have many AngularJS internal apps. They then discuss the timing of such a project especially in terms of code support. They then share recommendations on how to handle the upgrade.


Aaron Frost:

Brian Love:

Joe Eames:

Michael Prentice:

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