AiA 266: Creating Content in Portuguese with Loiane Groner

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In this episode of Adventures in Angular the panel interview Loiane Groner about her Portuguese content creation. She starts by sharing her story and how she got into content creation and why she creates content for developers in Brazil. She gives advice on how to get started creating blog content and shares strategies for pushing out posts and organizing post ideas.

Moving on to video content, the panel share editing, and recording tips. Loiane shares recommendations for editing and recording software. They advise keeping videos short and to be consistent in creating content. Loiane answers questions about revenue and analytics. She also gives advice on dealing with internet trolls.

The episode ends as Loiane dives into the struggles of learning to code as a native Portuguese speaker in an English based coding language. She explains how translation works and shares opportunities for people to help. The Angular community’s translation efforts are outlined, including translating documentation and their work with ng-Girls.


  • Jennifer Wadella
  • Brian Love


  • Loiane Groner

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Brain Love:

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Loiane Groner:


Why create Portuguese content?

There is a serious lack of content in Portuguese for developers in Brazil.

What does Loiane advise when writing a blog?

Write what you want, have fun, and enjoy what you write.

How to get started creating video content?

Just start! You don’t need all the fancy hardware.

How to deal with internet trolls?

Don’t engage, if you don’t react eventually they will leave you alone.

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