AiA 269: Data Mocking with Dave Cooper

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In this episode of Adventures in Angular the panel interviews Dave Cooper, who recently gave a talk at AngularConnect about using Mock Data. Dave starts by explaining more about his talk and sharing the benefits of using data mocking solutions and rapid prototyping. He shares the secrets of doing rapid prototyping.

There are challenges to using mock data, Dave shares a few of them and explains how to overcome them. The number one challenge of using mock data is keeping it in sync with your real data and making it look real.

Dave explains how to get started with mock data and shares library recommendations. The panel discusses the use cases for mock data and Dave walks them through a few scenarios for using mock data. He shares use case recommendations and discusses using mock data for testing.

The panel discusses the benefits of using mock data for demos and courses. The possibilities and future of mock data and pact testing are explored. Dave shares his coding process and explains how much faster he can code by using mock data.


  • Shai Reznik
  • Younes Jaaidi
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Dave Cooper


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Shai Reznik:

Dave Cooper:

Younes Jaaidi:

Charles Max Wood:


What is mock data?

Fake data

What are the benefits of using mock data?

Faster and safer.

How much faster can you code using mock data?

While David has never measured, every person he has shared this method with has seen a profound improvement in their speed.

How do you get started using mock data?

Download a data mocking library.

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