AiA 270: JAMstack Conf SF with Mandy Michael & Shawn Erquhart

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In this episode of Adventures in Angular Charles Max Wood interviews speakers at JAMstack Conf SF. Mandy Michael gives a talk about responsive typography and variable fonts. Mandy explains what variable fonts are and how they can be used to shrink, stretch and do some very fun and creative thing with them. They discuss how to use them and Mandy explains some of the demos from her talk.

Charles asks Mandy what some of the things were that she had to cut from her talk. She had to cut a few longer demos, details and performance improvements that can be made with responsive typography. Mandy shares what she is working on now with responsive typography and explains how much fun she has had expressing herself through variable fonts. To see more of Mandy's demos and to learn more about responsive typography and variable fonts see the links below.

Next, Charles interviews Shawn Erquhart work runs the Netlify CMS project. Charles shares his experience using Netlify and Shawn addresses some of the issues Charles has come across. Charles does say the using Netlify is simple, clean and nice. Shawn shares the origin story of Netlify. They discuss what it means to be a git-based content management system.

They discuss how to contribute to the Netlify CMS open source project. Charles mentions his book and they discuss how contributions to open source projects like these are a great way to get a job. Shawn explains how to get started implementing Netlify CMS and how they target different static site generators.


  • Charles Max Wood


  • Mandy Michael
  • Shawn Erquhart


  • Sentry- use the code “devchat” for 2 months free on Sentry small plan
  • Cachefly


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What are variable fonts?

A font file that has multiple style variations on it.

What makes a font a variable font?

It is an open type specification and must be specifically made as a variable font.

How can you have fun with variable fonts?

By creating custom interactive user experiences

What is Mandy Michael working on now?

Responsive typography that changes the font based on audio recognition and web audio to convey the emotions and inflections of the voice.

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