In this episode of Adventures in Angular Charles Max Wood interviews Jamie Perkins, creator of Podfan. Podfan is a membership for podcasts. Charles invited Jamie on the show to talk about building Podfan with Angular. Jamie built Podfan with Angular Fire and Firebase. He highly recommends them, explaining that it is a fast and easy way to build applications. 

They discuss how easy it is to get started with Firebase and Jamie shares things to watch out for when getting started. Firebase pricing is discussed. Jamie explains how his Firebase plan works. Walking Charles through getting started with Firebase, Jamie explains how the different databases work and what to watch out for with security and authentication.

The panel discusses the customer experience and what Jamie used for design. They discuss his process and the time he spent on the project. Jamie shares what he is working on and what he is adding to Podfan. Charles asks questions about Podfan’s capabilities. 


  • Charles Max Wood


  • Jamie Perkins


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