AiA 299: Working with Google Maps on Angular with Katerina Skroumpelou

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, we talk with Katerina Skroumpelou who is a Google Maps & Angular Google Developer Expert and team member at @nrwl_io living in Greece. In this episode, Katerina talks through how she got started with Google Maps. She also covers how the Google Maps JS API has changed overtime, how you yourself can get started using it in your Angular Applications and what you all can do with the API!



  • Alyssa Nicoll
  • Brooks Forsyth
  • Chris Ford
  • Brad McAlister


  • Katerina Skroumpelou



Alyssa Nicoll:

Brooks Forsyth:

Chris Ford:

Katerina Skroumpelou:

Brad McAlister:

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