AiA 136 Catalog of Angular Libraries and Components with Romuald Brillout

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Catalog of Angular Libraries and Components

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Joe Eames, John Papa, Lukas Reubbelke, and Ward Bell discuss Catalog of Angular Libraries and Components with Romuald Brillout. Romuald studied computer science and does freelance in programming for particular clients. Stay tuned to learn more about the topic and what he is currently up to! 

Why Romuald Made the Catalog

Creating the catalog has been an idea he has in mind for a while.  He thought of how to find libraries and publishing parts and how to use them. He discovered a lot of things and made the awesome list. He found them to be really cool and collaborative. The first catalog he started with was React Catalog.  It's popular on Github with 7000 stars. What motivated him to begin was finding libraries, specifically on the consuming parts. He has a specific used case that's why he wants a good library as soon as possible.

Building NG RM

Romuald doesn't have any plans building NG RM yet. He wants to focus on doing the catalog.  He says that the more people know about it, the better it gets. He really considers this project to be very important. Since the catalog is collaborative, people can easily access it in Github. If something is missing, anyone can edit. All good stuff is in the catalog and everything is beneficial to the community.

The Original List 

There were about 120 Angular libraries when Romuald started the list. Around 50 of which were contributed by other people in the community. He has written libraries before but not for Angular. He has not written a single library from all the lists in the catalog. Romuald looks for the additions to the list through Google. When he finds something to be very useful, he adds them to the list that he has. To those who are interested in open source contribution, you can simply search for a wrapper. Some of the components are so useful.To hear more about Catalog of Angular Libraries and Components, download and listen to the entire episode. Connect with Romuald in Twitter and Github because he would surely love to hear from you! Don't forget to tell him that you heard about him on  If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Catalog of Angular Libraries and Components with Romuald Brillout:Why he made the catalog? (2:05) Building NG RM? (6:25) The original list contributors? (12:12) Components brought in a deserted island? (23:55) Cool features of PrimeFaces? (26:42) Where are things leading? (37:05) New feature in Github impression? (42:16)


Joe: jQuery, PrimeNG, and SaltCONLukas: The Complete Far SideWard: cave painting Charles: The ShackRomuald: Pushing the (49:13) Consortium


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