AiA 141 Migrating a Large Angular 1.x App to Angular 2+

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Migrating a Large Angular 1.x App to Angular 2+

How long do you wait to load regular Angular? Today's episode features  Migrating a Large Angular 1.x App to Angular 2+  with Ciro Nunes. Ciro is a frontend engineer at CrossEngage. He appeared on episode 89, where he talked about Angular CLI. Now, he shares how they migrated an app and the challenges they faced. Tune in! 

Facing the Challenge

Ciro was initially scared when he first looked at the application. It had on a complicated structure, and was not easy to set up. But as new things in Angular came, he and his colleagues decided to start the migration. They did not have a well-defined strategy at first. Now, they make sure they upgrade all necessary page components into Angular at the same time.

Background Info about the App

The app had 6 screens with more than 2,000 modules. Their target users are business people. It's only a web application, and is not even responsive. There are still more features that they want to implement in the app. That is why they still keep on working on it. The good thing about it is they can already ship the components from Angular 4.

Start from the Easy

For that, they use Angular upgrades. They thought it nice to start from reusable components. However, they started having duplicated codes in the process. It made the app harder to maintain. So, they decided to start migrating the easiest page first, and avoid the big screens. That gives them the performance boost they need.Download and listen to the entire episode titled Migrating a Large Angular 1.x App to Angular 2+. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you! 


Ward: thanks to Ciro for being on the show Joe: Mystic Vale game Alyssa: OrganATTACK! game Charles: Invader Zim Ciro: Getting Started with Headless Chrome tutorial, Code Copy extension

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