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NG-Conf Roundup

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Lukas Reubbelke, Ward Bell, Joe Eames, and Alyssa Nicoll discuss ng-conf Roundup**. **Stay tuned as they share their meaningful experiences in attending the conference!

Overall Meaningful Experience

Being in the conference is really a great experience. Not only you get to listen to experts in web development, you also have the chance to build your network by talking to other participants. If you secure a ticket, you should definitely go. The energy among circles is fantastic, and it fuels you up in what you are doing. Since there were only 15,000 slots, the Fair Day things were streamed this year to reach out to those who weren't able to score a ticket. But to those who were really in the event were able to personally exchange ideas with the speakers and those who use Angular too. The experience was really rewarding and meaningful.

Opportunities with Speakers

Speakers in the conference were kept busy by engaging them with the attendees. Small group discussions were organized within the community, and participants got to meet and greet with experts. Among all the speakers, none was as outgoing and gregarious as Ward Bell.

I do my best. If you're out there and you see me, I want you to walk right up and say something 'cause I wanna meet you. - Ward Bell

One of the opportunities created in the event was the 'Ask-me-anything' sessions. In here, participants got to chat with speakers in different rooms. They were given the freedom to go into any room wherever they wanted and join the activity.

Fair Day and Population

According to Alyssa, the Fair Day Event went very well. Not did she get to introduce the speakers as part of her emceeing job, she also got to engage with people who had questions about her talk. She had a great time hanging out with them. As they went around talking to everybody, they were surprised how people were so up-to-date with the current innovations. In the talk about migration, approximately half of the population in the room were still using Angular 1 in their companies. What was surprising in the experts' room was many already did modern AngularTo hear more about ng-conf Roundup, download and listen to the entire episode. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you! 


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