AiA 140 NgDoc.Io with Joe Eames and Alyssa Nicoll

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NgDoc.Io with Joe Eames and Alyssa Nicoll

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood and Ward Bell discuss NgDoc.Io with Joe Eames and Alyssa Nicoll. NgDoc.Io is a website that contains all Angular-related content in the community. It includes sample projects and apps. It's a great resource for everyone who wants to learn about Angular. Tune in!

A MEAN Project

NgDoc.Io is the project that Joe talked about in episode 134 titled When Joe Gets MEAN. He decided to do it in MEAN because he couldn't find a proper documentation for AngularFire 2. Thankfully, he now has the site setup for those who are interested in learning Angular.

Plans for NgDoc.Io

The project was created to serve as an encyclopedic index. But, there are plans to increase its value. At present, they are just trying to point out which documentation is more well received.

“It's for the community itself to bring the community here—for them to come around and say that this article is good.” -Joe Eames

According to Joe, they are trying to keep track of the publications. They want to find which ones are recent and updated. Also, they plan to put in a feature that will enable people to rate a particular content.

The Team Behind NgDoc.Io

Joe and Alyssa are the main heads behind the project. Joe focuses on programming, while Alyssa does her best on UI and UX implementation. They did a lot of brainstorming on the features. Joe want to accomplish their goal first before putting on some stars for the ratings. He also does not want a content to be poorly rated just because it does not look good or because it's outdated. Eventually, there will be a way to filter content.Download and listen to the entire episode titled NgDoc.Io with Joe Eames and Alyssa Nicoll. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you! 


Alyssa: NG Cruise Joe: Dungeons and Dragons game Charles: Ward: Boaty McBoatface

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