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Adventures in Angular Episodes

039 AiA ES6 with Scott Moss

00:43 - Scott Moss Introduction Twitter GitHub Udacity @udacity Hack Reactor Angular Class @angularclass 01:55 - Scott’s Programming Background 04:11 - Working with Lukas 05:04 - Angular...

038 AiA Performance with Ben Nadel

01:35 - Katya Eames Introduction Twitter Katya Eames: How to Teach Angular to Your Kids 01:52 - Ben Nadel Introduction Twitter GitHub ...

037 AiA Animations with Matias Niemelä

Thank you RailsClips Kickstarter Backers!   02:05 - Matias Niemelä Introduction Twitter GitHub Blog Matias Niemelä: Whats new in ngAnimate 03:13 - Animations with Angular ngAnimate 04:24...

036 AiA Protractor with Julie Ralph

01:20 - Julie Ralph Introduction Twitter GitHub Google (Seattle Office) Angular Team Protractor 02:47 - Finding Angular and the Team 04:50 - End-to-End Testing WebDriver 08:46 -...

035 AiA The Current State of Angular with Brad Green, Igor Minar, and Miško...

01:08 - Dropping the “JS” 02:15 - Announcements from ng-conf Blog Post 03:20 - Angular Internationalization (i18n) 05:27 - Annotations Yehuda Katz and Rob Eisenberg Reflection and...

034 AiA LIVE! from ng-conf 2015

Live from ng-conf 2015! 05:10 - Shai Reznik: ng-wat 05:59 - TypeScript Brad Green and Igor Minar: ng-conf 2015 Day 1 Keynote 13:06 - Migration ...

033 AiA Elementor with Andres Dominguez

Check out RailsClips on Kickstarter!!   00:58 - Andres Dominguez Introduction Twitter GitHub Blog Google: New York 01:47 - protractor Selenium WebDriver WebDriverJs JavaScript Jabber Episode #106:...

032 AiA Angular UI Router with Craig McKeachie

Check out RailsClips on Kickstarter!! 01:41 - Craig McKeachie Introduction Twitter Blog The JavaScript Framework Guide by Craig McKeachie 02:07 - Routing UI-Router: Why many developers...

031 AiA Advanced Directives

01:32 - Redefining Directives Ben Nadel: Don't Blindly Isolate All The Scopes In AngularJS Directives “Priority” in Directives ngInclude Faking Them Out Foo Directive 16:42...

030 AiA Angular Interns with Rodric Haddad and Anting Shen

The crew talks to Angular interns Rodric Haddad and Anting Shen.

029 AiA Angular At Work with Ben Nadel

The crew talks to InVision's Ben Nadel.

028 AiA Isomorphic JavaScript with AngularJS with Jeff Whelpley

The crew talks isomorphic JavaScript and AngularJS with Jeff Whelpley.

027 AiA Accessibility with Marcy Sutton

The crew talks to Marcy Sutton about the importance of accessibility.

026 AiA Testing Tools

The crew talks about testing tools in Angular.

025 AiA Testing with Ward Bell

The crew discusses testing with Ward Bell.

024 AiA Replacing Silverlight with Wijmo and Angular with Chris Bannon and Bernardo Castilho

The crew talks to Wijmo's Chris Bannon and Bernardo Castilho about replacing Microsoft Silverlight with Wijmo and AngularJS.

023 AiA Back & with Itay Herskovits and Relly Rivlan

The crew talks Back& with Itay Herskovits and Relly Rivlan.

022 AiA Form Validation with Kent C. Dodds

The crew talks form validation with Kent C. Dodds.

021 AiA Duck Angular with Avishek Sen Gupta

The crew talks Duck Angular with Avishek Sen Gupta.

020 AiA Structuring Code in an AngularJS App with Dan Wahlin

The crew talks about structuring code with Dan Wahlin.