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Adventures in Angular Episodes

015 AiA Angular and Kendo UI with Jesse Liberty

The crew talks to Jesse Liberty about using Kendo UI in AngularJS.

014 AiA Using ES6 with Angular with Scott Allen

The panelists talk to Scott Allen about using ES6 with AngularJS.

013 AiA Modern Web and Open Source with Scott Hanselman

The panelists talk to Scott Hanselman, of Microsoft, about the modern Web and open source.

012 AiA Directives

The crew talks about directives in AngularJS.

011 AiA Angular Fire with David East and Kato Wulf

The crew talks AngularFire with David East and Kato Wulf.

010 AiA Preferred Backends

The crew talks about preferred backends.

009 AiA ng 2.0 with Rob Eisenberg

The crew discusses ng 2.0 with Rob Eisenberg.

008 AiA Angular & WebGL with Sean Griffin

The crew talks WebGL with Sean Griffin

007 AiA HabitRPG

The panelists talk to Tyler Renelle about HabitRPG.

006 AiA Build Processes

The panelists talk about build processes in Angular. Specifically, gulp.js and Grunt.

005 AiA Teaching Angular

The panelists talk about best practices for teaching Angular.js.

004 AiA Resources & Learning Angular

Charles Max Wood and Lukas Reubbelke talk about resources and learning Angular.js.

003 AiA GDEs

The panelists talk about GDEs.

002 AiA Angular Meetups with Matt Zabriskie and Sharon DiOrio

The panelists discuss what you need to know about running an AngularJS meetup with Matt Zabriskie and Sharon DiOrio

001 AiA The Birth of Angular

In the inaugural episode of Adventures in Angular, the panelists talk to Miško Hevery about the birth of AngularJS.