AiA 138 Progressive Web Apps with Houssein Djirdeh

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Progressive Web Apps with Houssein Djirdeh

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Joe Eames, and Alyssa Nicoll discuss  Progressive Web Apps with Houssein Djirdeh.  Houssein is a front-end engineer based in Toronto. He works for where he builds mobile web apps strictly focused on JavaScript. Stay tuned to learn more about the web apps he is working on and what he's currently up to!

Overview of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are basically those that provide a better user experience similar to that of a native app, using newer technologies. It's not simply black and white because it has a wide scope of things you can add to your app. If you want to make apps progressive, you can do so. When mobile users view the web through the browsers, they spend so much time because web pages are generally slow. Powerful desktop machines and laptops usually have fast and reliable internet connections, but mobile devices aren't and internet connections can even become non-existent. Browsers add new tools that can be added to the web app to improve user experience whatever device is used.

Characteristics of PWAs

There are things that progressive web apps have in common. They work for every user and browser. Also, they are responsive and work in different speed sizes, making users to directly access the URL. These tools let you install apps to your home screen with an icon. It works with poor connections and even when there is no internet at all. Push notifications can also be added and background thinking as well. Basically, it simply aims to make native apps feel native.

“What progressive web apps are trying to do is to sort of allow you to add functionality to a web app.” - Houssein Djirdeh

PWAs on iPhone and Android

With iPhones, you can simply open up the settings and add an app to your home screen. Few icons, specific meta tags, and XHTML just need to be set up. Things can be a do-it-yourself action. On the other hand with android, a little banner pops up when you add some stuff from the web page. This banner suggests to the user that the web page may be added to his home screen. That's how it provides a better user experience.To hear more about Progressive Web Apps with Houssein Djirdeh, download and listen to the entire episode. Connect with Houssein on Twitter and Github. He would surely love to hear from you! Don't forget to tell him that you heard about him on  


Alyssa: Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel and WebsiteJoe: Kingkong, Star Wars: Rogue OneWallabyCharles: Slack and Cyrillus Houssein: Angular--SSRCitti, and Logan

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Lighthouse, HTTPS, Service Worker, sw-precache, AngularCLI, Chrome, manifest.json, and Code splitting with lazy loaded routes


AiA 138 Progressive Web Apps with Houssein Djirdeh


[0:00] Music.[0:06] Everybody and welcome to episode 138 of the invention of the show this week on our panel we have a listen Michael hello Jo-Ann's.[0:16] Everybody Charles Mack switch at the TV I'm just going to hurt you real quick to submit to the call for proposals for annular milk pump,it's normally conference so travel costs don't worry about it we also have special guests this week and that's who sang Judy I hope I said that someone close to write that is actually really good alright you don't introduce yourself real quick.Yeah I'm so I live in Toronto, Ontario.You work for a company called rang while they're at Javas consultancy so we build mobile and web apps for clients it's strictly focus and JavaScript.669.[1:02] Nice now um I guess I should disclose though I didn't realize you work for Ringgold. I owe until you put your information in the Ringo used to be a sponsor so.Anyway so young because I run across an article that you wrote about Progressive web apps with angular.And I keep hearing the term until I read your article and write a few other articles and it seems like.There's sort of a cohesive idea around what price of web apps are,but a lot of it just seems to be okay use these awesome tools and it'll be a progressive app and then others seem to be more about the idea of you know sort of available on any browser on any device.So am I missing something here it cuz it seems like there are connections there just not quite being made for me.Oh no no I think I think he's experienced what I did when I started looking and reading more about the coffee General.Direct solo tutorials online it's hard to sober the different tools to Progressive web apps have without actually going to anything.I sort of want I want to actually build an app that I could say hey this is a progressive and actually.Really talk about how I did so you're actually for apps that use some user experience.It's more so the Spectrum drug number the things going at your end in order to make the Progresso.[2:42] What what is an what is Progressive web app them exactly.Are you trying to figure out how to stay current with Ruby and rails.I'm putting on a two-day online conference call the river oh, you could check it out at Ruby I said it's a two-day conference where you can come and listen to the speakers and experts from all around the world talk to you about issues pertaining to Ruby and web development we have an online slack Channel.A Roundtable discussion on zoom and all of the talks are given over Google Hangouts.And all the talks will be string to live come check us out there Ruby remote is a progressive web app them exactly talk about how.Do the web General go by user still spend it again sometime you can do after the browsers.And the general experience with many web pages that are unfortunately.I think it's because I've become accustomed to using you know machine that laptops with fast reliable never connections.Cornelius powers.Never can I take anymore or even non-existent at times so we've been in the same web page and I mostly always get a much lower twins.Yeah but that's an easy mistake to make just because those machines were developing on right so you just fire it up it works and you move on you know it's not like people are doing this on purpose.[4:22] And what a lot of browsers and not doing is there sort of adding tools that you can add to it in order to make it a lot better and a lot smoother even I'm old I'll be all ideas any device to you.You saw him get a really good experience so like what's an example of one of those tools is a few things.Who better because you like the same haven't called.Evolutionary response and work for different sizes they can access directly with the URL,and now she's tools couple cool things you do such as you can give me the capability to actually install it your home screen with a Nikon so if you looking at about so we have to quickly icon.The show do splash screen and Astro 04.IPhone 4 with application about your elbow feels like there's another thing you can do is you can make and have also and support so it works with your connections and connect with no answer.I'm another thing you can do is you can add push notifications something else you can also do is background.Cool ideas girl all the things that make Native apps feel later and will Progressive trying to do a sort of allow you to add this functionality to light app.[5:50] By the way I hate websites with push notifications I actually haven't explored using push notifications and I sort of feel like it's something you don't need should use.I feel like you're trying to make a sort of app that let me do that then it could be something in it for.[6:11] And it's also always have the user often kiss,personally I always go to the settings and turn them on,I need 45 notifications on my phone or I do not feel like a complete per second I don't feel loved.So so you're out sorry.Is all the stuff and able because of what's actually on a mobile platform on the five are inside like a phones weren't the way that feels weird like if you went back to all the stuff not work.[6:57] Toby I'm actually adding all the stuff that is.Free using Google Chrome your iPhone to we can still have only thing that's what makes a building something for any user is the browser is not letting me do so.[7:19] Gotcha so the browser just has to have these capabilities and then it all runs through that back to the browser has the capabilities Google Chrome is really doing awesome at this Firefox doing a good job,I just now started getting on board I'm Safari is.I'll be sleeping behind here but it seems so far he tries to like shut it all down because they want you to build everything in the App Store.And a good way to probably put it on your right there's a lot of things that you can do in a lot of different browsers that things apart.Are just wondering how that works because if you are a good thing.[7:59] Android quick and open it is that only on. Because I seen you go through the App Store can I found it again.[8:08] Or are you talking about I would like a bookmark icon or something so I have an iPhone,I can release open setting up and I can say add to home that will do you just put the webpage.What Safari and iOS you can give it icons you just need to give it a few icons and index HTML.Now working Chevy Technologies do they like crap it basically you would like no more app so it's like it's like taking downloading or no you still have to tell them to go,and through the settings do it.So I am so spine is is Lily you have to go to the settings and do it yourself you can really do it with anyway page of the ideas if you were on a good Wikipedia page you can always just had a few and we do later,but what role is trying to do and they can only do that in Android right now is.You can really add some stuff to web page and say and actually show a little Banner to the user so the you can go to website like.You know a promoter is it was 5 minutes instead me to home.[9:28] So the ability the same selection need to have two quick at home screen but like Google's trying to make that a little more.[9:39] It seems like there a lot of comparisons here between do we want to mobile app for do we want me and like a native mobile app bird should we have a web app that does a lot of the same stuff and it seems like the experience is somewhat on our.So why wouldn't you just build a native app.[9:57] That's a really good question and I think it's something everyone sort of things about when you sort of want to build something.Native apps in general is that if you want to go to sample and I was happy to see you want if you just wanted.Your web app to just work really well on mobile.You can just add I don't know a few conditions you install few libraries and if you were really well I'm about without actually having you worry about building a tire.Got you so,do you have these Progressive web apps and they kind of work everywhere you know most of these capabilities are available on most devices and I'm assuming it just feels gracefully when those capabilities aren't around,describe four idea of progressive ABS is God I need to work well for everyone and anyone.Even if your browser can support in offline capability or can support push notifications they still need to work smoothly so that still be really responsive even with.And this is one where one thing about that is if you're saying that used to work for everyone.Daddy is also work with JavaScript disabled and I think we touchy subject with developing General is that why should I really spent so much time making my web page.[11:36] But the court tentative as she worked well for anyone and everyone.[11:41] So if you're into ministering are the tools I can make it work and I don't have to be your whole app.[11:51] Got you so so how do you do this anymore specifically how do you do this with angular.No question so.I think is good. Like you mentioned earlier and talk Charles their few different things about the other web apps that people talk about and sort of.Things nice to just put them in her place so one thing I use is O'Toole call Lighthouse.Awesome awesome cool but by the Chrome team LSU measure of how well you're doing in terms Progressive capabilities and why mention why bring it up now is because it's a really nice way to sort of see what it takes to make a frittata.When does the century Run 2 number to test engine restore the score and how well you have to do.Install touch my penis.Joe doesn't like run continually you just open it up and run it at 1.80 Jerry like this report for you so I think about it is you can legally 101,think about a minute or two and you can just see how well the penis and I can give you score out of it which is really cool.[13:08] For you you said that you built like a sample app that you want to be able to point to you and save this is a TWA.I did I did you rank it on with his lighthouse sir I did.[13:23] So what I did was when I was actually Building Up animations time and I Stumble the lighthouse.I sort of just want to see how was doing it was feeling all because I didn't have any.That's report.It's not hard to score I think it's just a nice way for the feet all the different aspects that you can sort of a giraffe.Android applications that isn't on.Because it really doesn't have this connection work offline is your website great.[14:09] Go back to what you said Joe,the number to legal action implemented in specially mango the first and foremost the first thing you should do is be served over https.The number of different otherwise you really can make it if it is secure.[14:37] First thing is we talk here is how can we actually make it work offline.You may have heard of in script that runs in the background of your browser when you.Is there actually interact Lira. But actually middleman by respond to events such as never.How to add one is the person need to do is make sure the browser.Running Sports and Service Road API we can do the script and if they mail the checks and available and if so registered at Service Road.Now that's what it was sort of where all the logic is.You can actually sell The Logical really isn't too complicated pretty much writing too much a matter of installing actual service broker in creating a cash and castles and now requesting them.Our most people really don't have the time we're probably going to write to watch themselves.Also this poses a problem when building a patient angler because he definitely don't want to keep up the Intruder every time you do a change to the app and do any bill.Is Ricky from libraries coming to Google call SW precast.The generator integrates right into building.Do the write up a little extra build script and package a song or even added to your CI screwed.[16:11] And what it does and every time you run a built-in really generally faster than so now whenever you're actually building around you have the service work about always being updated and since your friend in decreased email to also check for that.Exactly do so.Who wrote the first thing to think about is working with poor or no connection so as I mentioned so the workers are like a middleman only doing the resources and then return them to use or so.Do the network prefer think about it there's a show.But absolutely the middle HTML CSS JavaScript makes up the shell on your apps to be a toolbar loading icon photo center.And ideas and approaches passed out the first time.Me the Henry repeating the cast acid really Retreat Circle so it would be like.I need to do is set up and just tell it hey I want these files to free cash so in an angular CLI I.How to say I want all the HTML CSS JavaScript files in this folder make sure that it's been cut the ideas when you watch the app for the first time.[17:38] Those resources were slashed by the service worker and then when you try to reload the app again as soon as we return that actually nearly as opposed to actually having you.On the second thing that would have really makes offline support work is been a contact so it actually really.Make sure apples but didn't complete the picture on the next thing you need to think about is.Does adoration say hey anytime this API call gets hurt.I want to cash 2 results old user reload the page and just knowing that I can actually show them the cast result as opposed to actually Paxil.[18:26] Well that's really cool I like new about a lot of the requirements to make a pwa but they like some of them sounded daunting and so he's cool but your time actually.[18:41] Yeah and I feel like people who are not sure what exactly need to do what direction do so many tools out there right now that make it so easy,and only put in a good 5-10 minutes to the creation and once again to be into bills and got it.It's like you're actually flying.Did you just say I guess I'm going to back up a little bit then cuz you know we talked about https which is mostly just server config.You know but then you have several service workers until you freaking ass you know what some of these other features that we're talking about here but yeah I mean for me I have not done a lot with service worker,and I've done nothing with us to be free cash and so you're saying it's a five to ten minutes set up but.I mean I just have no idea and so you know is it is easy is just adding something to the bill process or I mean how do you plug the stuff in and.Take advantage of it.[19:45] Do I think you're right I was with somebody who has worked with service workers at all yeah you probably don't exactly know where to start but it really is that so and so angry.Because usually it's a matter of just stalling and then deleting and tagging it in the mail to register a specific service broken file.And then print configuration file where you sort of Say Hey I want this to be cast and that's because and that is pretty much it and it's taken out.But I know the anger mobile team actually introduced service worker capabilities into the sea lights off.So I haven't actually tried this yet but I know I think it's as simple as newly turning the service worker fly a service worker actually flag to true and I go to see like a song.And I think of living generator service.So I'm really interesting how that turns out because I feel like that's easier than trying to confuse a whole different light be like asleep in cash so instead of turning five minutes 10 minutes work into down to 30 seconds.Nickel do you set up a CTP setup server worker service workers he set up the free cash anything else you have to do in order to make a progressive.[21:13] So I think by now told him cover it is pretty much making site secure and making it work with.Poor or no connections on the next big thing with Progressive apps is making it installable on your mobile home I know we talked up on this a bit earlier.Presently with mobile when you view web pages on your mobile device actually installed them.Anyway all you do is add a Manifesto.All that information.[21:55] Blister like coming out here and there mostly just switch to find switch your all of your apt is the base shortal to load some icons of different sizes.I'm at now generate different icons is a really cool tool called the real fat icon generator.We can do that image of an icon you like to use for your butt.And you can eat we can preview icon look in different devices.Does Alexa generate all the marker and didn't I'm benefits father to meet.The with that web address to be throw it to the source of your Social and then you can try to actually open the app.Depending on Android.After a few repeat that you actually get a banner saying you want and then that was sort of punk actually crying,and try to open the afternoon you actually get a splash screen.Which one shows the icon actually uploaded in the Apple logo screen.So having that along with it being able to work offline is where you really starting to feel more native you can leave and go into you know.[23:29] Into the subway station and lose internet connection and you can always open your home screen and because you visited page previously to work.It really sucks I just think I mean it's so cool but I just can't.Get past house,you just how strict apple is with their native apps and how I don't feel like anytime soon they're going to stop blocking things that are making.Making it more because basically I don't know if it's for security or what but they were like for money I guess because you have an apple license in order to the App Store but.I don't know I think they have to get on board since there's as well.[24:19] Just for it all the way through the new web Brave.[24:24] Yeah you're right and I feel like he there this is Charles man I just wanted to talk to you really briefly about'm putting on a conference for people who want to go freelance or who are freelance and bringing in some of the experts from the freelancer show to talk to you about how to find clients how to collect money.How to build your business how to specialize and much much more.If you're thinking about going freelance or you're already freelance and want to hear from the experts on how to go become or grow your freelancing business then by all means come check us out a freelancer you're right and I feel like there's a really pushing for this.I'm going to be doing a really good job I know I'm pretty sure that he's already working.Amex I think is really looking in the next two years to release.Hopefully starting okay maybe this is something we really need.But again with Apple Safari things are usually a lot stricter than I guess.Other places like Chrome on iOS yeah actually so I mention soon as workers as something that I only work in Chrome Firefox and call for the money.So if I would actually open Chrome on my iPhone on Apple doesn't like yeah try.[26:00] I can actually use it when it's offline.What is cool I can open up Chrome I can go to the URL and if I lose internet connection I can actually start using you and missing pages of the previously.The thing is with an iOS device save Chrome pages to home.So I can save some free web pages to my home screen but I don't get that offline capability with that.So I feel like this and I feel like General they're sort of trying to make it to try to combine all the features and make you release your native.Because if I was restricting few here and there is just going to make it.[26:42] Mainstream as we all know that Apple hates also the crap so,probably Humanity office,so I checked and do I detect an Android User told you have to buy one for my wife.Help my phone Android but I've got my laptop Android,and then I finally meet the switch to an iPhone 6s and I.I just feel like I'm doing Darkseid Butterfinger.[27:30] The train to the side if there any advantages to switching to Android.[27:37] Yeah I don't know I feel like the combination works.Chuck you just Switch to Windows didn't just abandon the Mac platform still my main if you can.You can drop your MacBook then you can definitely switched and I can't believe you did that would be the windows or using a really interesting.Yeah I haven't done a lot of heavy development on the yet and some of the stuff I have to do,either in a virtual machine or on their lubuntu for Windows command line but for the most part.It works fine I mean there are few apps that don't exist on Windows me right kind of my counterparts for.But it hasn't been that painful I was a little bit surprised I thought it was going to be more painful it was,your phone how are you feel Superior against all those other people anyway so impressive web apps.Importing with it having it run everywhere especially on mobile wouldn't your applications have to be responsive as well.The quartet are the main things about if you really wanted to work for anyone and everyone it has to be responsive and have to every screen Skies.[29:13] Masterwork just like perfect in every right.[29:19] Yeah we actually did an episode on the flex layouts a couple weeks ago.With Thomas Burleson and he talked about how that all works so you know that's an option for angular folks and in the ice.That's one thing that I kind of want to dig into next as we kind of talked about all these different pieces that go into Progressive web apps but.[29:43] You know where any other developers right so does this all just trying to live below the surface of a regular up or are there specific Integrations that we have with annular.Englert at six eight who do we appreciate whatever,so yeah,use external libraries like a stubby pretty cash having a man of his file but you're right that is actually what we do when we go tonight.What are some fundamental things that you really need to look into when you're actually building forgot about those things is really.Hunting down your bonsai tree and all that stuff but if you are.I bought a size quite large going to take a while you're out to load especially for people with 3G networks in with cord.To at least one thing that look into applying Conoco splitting with Maisie boots.Does having your main router main trunk making me smile.[30:58] Stats for the dark you things I think so so how are you for this out your application really comes to save the day your ass needs to be small and you need to worry about adding.[31:13] So I want to ask you it might actually fit back into are there things and angular that you can do I want to ask you about she said one of the coordinates of pwa is that it's for everyone.Every device so does that mean that there are accessibility requirements that go along with the pwa is low.[31:36] Anthem.So looking at from what I've seen in, what a lighthouse grades you against I don't know.Ashley actually graduating honestly I'm so lighthouses give you score 500.And then we'll have a best practice section no tell you a bunch of different things you can prove with you but that doesn't necessarily fall under a progressive.So I can leave my phone there but I'm pretty sure right now that they don't.No points if your website but it's something that is actually really important because it can everyone should work people yeah.[32:28] I'm under in rebuilding your anger ism.Certified so let me see about hey.If anyone can use your people who don't have job was good to me but also technically use your app so I know the lighthouse right now.Radio.[32:56] He'll give you a point if you have a no script tag in your in the first email with a message that says hey you need JavaScript enabled to actually work with the site so them up to.Who is that can get away with it but I feel like that sort of.Really just having a message is better than nothing but it really doesn't know that a lot of people have different opinions and building an app that works two jobs because they both should I bring on a stolen.Can't really talk because actually had answering can reviews.Supreme X lonely right and again it was cuz if you really want your app to go to SAS possible for people with no or printer connections having that can really help.[33:49] So if I'm building a new app is this something that I should be building in from the start or is this something that I should be layering in after I understand how my applications going to be architected.[34:01] I think.Even if you don't start adding these elements from the start it really.Jordan that I filled it really isn't that hard to sort of attitude very end if you feel like it but I think once you've actually tried to add a service worker into that and actually just roll about manifest file,you realize how simple it is.Any I like for now I know for myself am so I probably start I will automatically just make sure that I have it was working there this file and,I want to add push notifications in a future date or if I want to add background thinking or stuff that the more complicated but also at least I can do it right from the get-go.[34:57] I really want somebody to just build me a framework for this,what do you mean just you know I just include the angular slash,pwa module and it just pulled in the service worker stuff and then the precash stuff and you know just set that all up so that it's.All kind of just there and then it,you kind of walks me along the path of okay this is how you configure your cashing in this is how you you know delegate stuff to the service worker or it just automatically delagates the lazy loaded stuff to the service worker or stuff like that.That's possible but I don't think it's.Bowie link. I think the definition of a pwi,this is like the pwa style guide or how you do it or the requirements but there is no I can you know why house can give you a score,nobody's going to come after you if your White House score is bad and you have you know we have a few a right way there is no and I'll be all source.I think it might be kind of hard or even misleading if you did not like a pwa framework there's a lot of stuff outside of,including this precash thing or making sure that you have these things configured there's more things that you need to do I think in order to actually be qualified as a.So I think that's what makes it hard to do something like that yeah I think you're right.[36:28] CWA that you can add your site to make a progressive.Fun really isn't easy to be like hey here's how you push notifications use how you do back home thinking all is a hole but I feel like dying really is starting to go into Direct.I'm so angry about to hit with a library that I think 70 months ago it was sort of pushing on to make the rest of it back to the field while easier but now they're sort of really implemented into the sea.Once taken early fabric has been Applecrest where is it where you can now actually just install Angler's worker and he can't really turn on service road flag.I feel like I actually do all that for you.Final Danner Recon to go in that direction and and see where to see life and anger and general.No whiskey OT compilation with the new view compiler before Play-Doh.I'm plus this is how I feel like this quite a lot that can be done with anger and procedure.[37:37] Will make sense to me and it also makes sense in the just in the broader scheme of things when you talk about the fact that Google is one of the major.Internet companies that is pushing the rest of web apps and a lot of their stuff is built on angular I could see them adding that all of that stuff in just a little bit can get the kinds of applications to be on the web.[38:07] I feel like anyone would really be doing when pushing on brake not doing a good job Google.[38:19] Fidelity van is there any real civility effects of doing ipwn improver.Reduce the Fidelity of your web apps are they just feel just like when they're in their browser when using them.[38:37] When you say Fidelity do you mean how it looks and booze and scroll the really I mean.Web apps are always a little bit down from native apps course we expect that sort of stuff but doesn't get his ability experience.Again I feel again today to check the web apps that you're currently building it's just that they're all to Mizner using the nearest mall.So in terms of actually heading down your bundle size.Making Alex Riverside rendering and cold splitting headaches from the Brokers that show so I can load of laundry loads in all those areas so your Apple feel a lot faster than a doll Donuts.The end of the day so when you come even if you do install the app to home screen your mobile device you can still see that its web app.I'm making a really awkward kind of bridge the gap so instead of actually trying to build a need an invitation you can just make you pee wee morning,walking miracle alright well anything else we should talk about before we do pics.[40:05] I think they're a good question to ask would be like where the best resources if you start figuring it out and trying out both of you are not.Yeah yeah so.Thanks for angler the really isn't too much contact with specific do I know I have a block closer to talk about how you can add a social worker about manifest and so forth.El General.How do Smiley contact is always awesome like you right he has an entire series on building Progressive without 3 a.m.Anything about those are causes that you can read them and you can supply pretty much a lot that he's doing to react to any other building.Last week.I feel like a good place to start is on the feet Lighthouse to be they start final Lighthouse also based on.NWA tracklist Google Chrome site like this room straightforward breaks down every single aspect and so explain tonight okay.Clean the next year so it'll be more more.Peoples are talking about in searching for tutorials and videos buddies money Alex Russell's does great job his talks Rawson.[41:38] Does a few other Google go to really push for Austin Sport.[41:46] Alright if people want to follow up with you or see what you're working on these days where do they go.You can reach me on Twitter on LinkedIn email call me I'm honestly I think Twitter is probably the best option.What's your handle Twitter is at HD dirt hosh and my last name.Does your team need to mastering UJS Alesis digital offers and get the boot camp a three-day in-person workshop class for individuals are teens bring it to your site or send developer stores and yellow boot camp.Alright well it's going to do some pics listen you some pics.[42:41] I'm so I was actually working on a website with my husband and we're super yards Soho we both are gayer than we play Destiny in OverWatch can we watch this,gamer who live streams and goes like,recording videos of his name is mr. fruit and so we actually help a little bit he may need it made a site and its,fruit Nation. I also go check it out and see how many we are,if we decide to go and vote on your favorite fruit video for the week.[43:23] Alright Joe do you have some pics worth oh I sure do.So I recently went with the King Kong movie,it was good it was good to see so I definitely want to recommend that and by the time this comes out,Star Wars Rogue one will be out on video so you must,absolutely go and pick it up,and then finally I've been hearing a lot about testing tool.Anna marks which lines of your code have been covered by test what happened to the product but it's really awesome lot of people saying really.So I was doing works out this last weekend with John Pomp and Emmeline and there's people,pontoon 70 some of them done with it looks really awesome so I think that I like that Innovation especially in areas like testing.[44:40] Very nice I'm going to jump in with a couple of pics of the first one and I did this on JavaScript jabber as well today but,I set up a forum for Adventures Mangler long time ago and you just never took off and part of my issue with it was just the.I have to sign in to remember to see stuff,check my email super often so you know probably a couple times a week so I would always fall behind and so I think it remained a ghost town,so I decided to try again with slack the reason I'm setting it up is cuz a lot of people are talking about you know how do I connect with people how do I.I see current things like that and so I wanted to create a community where that was sort of the focus as well as helping support the show so if you go to adventures and / Slack.You can go ahead and sign up it's going to be $10 a month in the reason that I'm doing that one is this that I found that if I make people pay then,we tend to avoid some of the issues of trolling and things like that.You know cuz then people who actually want to be in there in there the other thing it does is it'll allow me to I would like to set up monthly webinars so basically Talks by people in the community to come in and,you know sugar expertise with us and I'd like to be able to pay those folks and so I'm going to use some of that money to do that,thinking the probably need about 40 or 50 people in the slack paying before I can start lining up speakers.[46:16] But then yeah I'm going to planning on doing that every every month it just kind of doing it as a,and online users group for lack of a better term and then we would actually just stick around after the call on Zoom or something and people can just chat with each other or they can you know spin off and you can actually call each other through slack so if.If any of that sounds good to you then go check it out at the ventures / slack and I'm planning on inviting all of our panelists and past guests so we should have a pretty good group of people in their interact with.But yeah anyway so that's something I've been working with and then I've also been playing with the framework called serverless,which allows you to push node.js code now it snowed 4.3 Jeffco to Amazon AWS Lambda,blender supports python in C sharp and Java and I think they're working on Swift as well so you know you can do those other languages but.You know servers list just let you push up JavaScript file and it makes it pretty easy to pull in like npm libraries if you need them,so that's been pretty cool and I'm pretty excited about the opportunities there but that's the tool that I'm actually using to.Get people invited to slack because slack doesn't have a direct integration that let you invite people to your team so I kind of had to go around a roundabout way from WordPress to.Zapier to Lambda and then to slack so anyway it works you get an email inviting you to Slack.[47:50] Pretty much within a few minutes of signing up and works pretty well so go check it out and I'm really looking forward to connecting with a lot of you there and that those are pretty much.[48:06] Everything about is alive recalled angler SS are so sangra - Sr.And I'll ideas Library soda really making suicide bending Wrangler.Really simple Reed interviews so I know in the past few months so it's raining and angler hasn't been the easiest thing.Define you but you haven't given the haven't had the chance to try it but it looks really prompted the check that out.Next thing you would be cool at my twin brother build actually and it's called City,but the whole app is actually until we can sort of tell you how to make in order to live so it's bi,dii. I am and it's cause I had to prepare up and say hey because it makes press and what's up with you.I think about is Logan so I don't see Logan I only washed it she is go.Animal superhero just been seen in years like it's outstanding,yeah it was amazing again like I feel like the last two x movies I really didn't like it and the reason why I say that is cuz this one.Is it a superhero movie and I can give you watching you sort of see why.[49:39] But it was definitely back you up on that one but I'm kind of a sucker for all of the Marvel movies.Yeah yeah yeah I didn't want to see X-Men movies got just got progressively worse.You're breaking my heart I feel like you're kind of weird with me and Star Wars,right now with the superhero movie hurting me like physically I feel like,maybe for me I also sold as well that the past.To be movies on vendors to enjoy them as much so I needed something I don't know.Quite different and I feel like Logan did a great job in area.Yeah I would still classify a lot of the Avengers movies with those characters in them the latest ones as is at least good if not great,the last movie was the last movie.Yeah I mean there were some clever Parts you know with the time-travel thing but anyway so yeah.[51:03] Hey I just saw wife have you guys seen the previews for it.Yes if it's not like the Jews really easy.We totally totally I was going to say that I didn't realize it was a scary movie,search a warning If he if you at are we going to go see it and you're like me it is scary so,alright well what's going to wrap this up.Thanks for coming to see you we will wrap the show up and we'll catch up next week he's out.Alright.Been with for this segment is provided by the world's fastest Indian deliver your content fast with cash life is it cache to learn more.[52:11] Music. 

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