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RxJS with Angular

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Alyssa Nicoll, John Papa, and Ward Bell talk about  RxJS with Angular. Tune it to learn how to use RxJS directly as an Angular developer rather than inside some library.

Experience with RxJS

A year ago, John was known as the RxJS Observable hater, as he kept on asking questions on how it goes. The concept in JavaScript programming and Angular seems high. There were so many things to learn about it. There are many parts of Angular that are independent on Observables as implemented in RxJS. Examples of these are router and HTP module, which are plug-ins for a core Angular.

Using Observables for Developing

At some point, using Observables has to be confronted because HTP is necessary for developing. As an Angular developer, you'd probably first ask yourself if you really have to learn all those that concerns Observables, considering that you don't have enough time for it. As an alternative, you take the result of an HTP and turn into a Promise. The good news is that when you're burdened to learn more concepts while studying in one area, you can lay those aside and just come back to them when needed. Whenever you encounter it, you can just turn it into Promise and continue. But there's this feeling of missing something.

Importing in Angular World

You don't actually have to use Observables unless you want to consume the result of an HTP call. You get into Promise, and you can also dot subscribe. You don't necessarily have to import anything. Simply replace the word with subscribe and go on. Later on, you'll discover that you've installed the RxJS world as part of your packages. It's already there waiting for you.To hear about RxJS with Angular, download and listen to the entire episode.If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of RxJS with Angular:Experience with RxJS? (2:00)Using Observables for Developing? (4:35)Importing in Angular World? (9:26)RxJS as collections of extensions? (16:48) Dealing with Observables? (18:31) What does the discussion buy you? (26:27) Where Observable shines? (27:34)


John: FreedomeAlyssa: RxJs on Egghead and JavaScript course Charles: RxJS with Ben Lesh in JavaScript Jabber Podcast and 17 hats


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