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My Angular Story Uri Shaked

Charles Max Wood welcomes Uri Shaked to share his Angular Story on today's podcast. The last time Uri joined Charles on a podcast, he talked about wrapping javascript libraries with angular directives. A lot has changed since then. Tune into Uri Shaked and Angular Development  to hear what he is now up to and his story on programming.

Current Focus

Today, Uri is doing pretty much the same thing but with Angular 2. His focus is on the IoT (Internet of Things), connected devices and the related technologies. these include Bluetooth and the physical web. What he's really focused on, is a new project called ngBeacon. Uri will discuss that more in-depth later in the podcast. 

How Did Uri Get Started in Programming

Uri Shaked got interested in the 2d grade when he got is first 8086 IBM computer. His computer got a virus and stopped working and he wanted to fix it. He got a book about computer basics like MSDos and how the computer works. The last few chapters talked about QBasic. This intrigued him and he decided to give it a try. Uri began with basic code to write a few words on the screen. He was inspired by his aunt who is a mathematician. She gave Uri some statistical formulas for calculating chances. He decided to write a program to calculate the chance of winning the Israeli equivalent of PowerBall.

"Programming clicked when I discovered I can do something interesting and fun and it benefits or provides amusement for others"-Uri Shaked

Useful Automation

This is when Uri had his a-ha moment. He realized computers could do tasks so he did not have to do them. He began experimenting with writing music programs in much the same way the notes are in a melody on the piano. Uri discovered that writing programs not only automated some tasks. Programs could be created for things he found useful for himself and others. To hear the rest of Uri Shaked and Angular Development, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

To learn more about what Uri's interested in or connect with him, check out the links below. Don't forget to let him know you heard about him on Devchat.tv's Adventures in Angular My Angular StoryUri on TwitterUri on MediumIf you're short on time, here are the highlights of Uri Shaked and Angular Development:Getting started in programming (2:30) How did Uri become an Angular professional? (11:25) The international web community (20:43) What is Uri working on today? (24:43) What conferences does Uri recommend? (29:25)


Uri:  AngularConferences, AngularConnect, Chrome56 Web Bluetooth, Charles : Basic EconomicsReact Native on Facebook and Visual Studio Code


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