AiA 134 When Joe Gets MEAN

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When Joe Gets MEAN

On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Alyssa Nicoll, Joe Eames, and Ward Bell talk about Joe's experience in building an application with MEAN. Tune in to learn about this JavaScript framework, and hear what happens when Joe gets MEAN.

Why did Joe choose MEAN?

MEAN stands for Mongo Express Angular and Node. Joe wanted to use familiar tools for his production project. He didn't want to use anything heavy on his server. In the process, he considered other options including Firebase. He chose Mongo since he only needed to make simple Rest calls. Any Rest API will be fine to access it. Joe wanted to build a small application. Any SQL would have worked, but he needed something that could enable a quick push.

An Easy Model for a Small App

The data model is relatively simple. Databases would usually have 3 tables. But for the app he's building, he ended up having 5 tables to make it easy to query. One of the core elements has 10 attributes, while the others have three. It can also cater to different kinds of queries. In Joe's app, users primarily can go to the central page and pull a list of articles.

Experience with MEAN

Joe had enough experience with MEAN stack. He's written few medium-sized applications. He is definitely comfortable with it. It became more comfortable since he worked with two courses, Firebase and Angular Fire. For that, he worked with Firebase teams. He discusses the challenge in understanding how to model data.To hear more about Joe's experience building an application with MEAN, download and listen to the entire episode When Joe Gets Mean,.If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of When Joe Gets Mean:Why did Joe choose MEAN? (3:55)Experience with MEAN? (11:34)Need for functionality? (14:49) How to structure data flow? (16:10) Why choose Express? (24:59) CSS design with MEAN? (35:26) Creating non-global CSS? (47:33)


Joe: Mongocloud, workshop with John Papa and Dan Wahlin Ward: Joule Sous Vide cooker Charles: JS Remote Conf, proposals for Angular Remote Conf, The Invisible Sales Machine book

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