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MAS 013: Will Buck

On today's My Angular Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Will Buck. Will appeared as guest on episode 57, and talked about Starting a Local Angular Meetup. It comes from the idea of organizing an even if you're not very much an expert on programming. Tune in and learn about Will's unique journey in programming!

Start in Programming

Will comes from a family of doctor, but his grandfather was a software developer. He remembers how his grandfather showed him how to launch games. He just wanted to play that time. It was only when he reached high school that he got serious with programming. He initially took his computer class because it counted as a business credit. He enjoyed it in the long run.

Programming Classes

In high school, Will learned how to build small apps and webpages. He it took it even seriously when he reached college. That time, he became interested in Japanese translation. So, he took a Japanese Language class, a Japanese History class, and an Anime Film class. He also took a CS class because he thought he'd need a real job too.

A Challenging Field

Will initially did not understand Java. He only knew that he can type in codes, and it will act according to the instructions provided. At the end of the class, they made a frog game. The class wasn't that easy, yet he ended up taking two majors. Download and listen to the entire episode about Will Buck. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!

Get Connected

Tweet Will @wbucksoft, and let him know you heard about him on My Angular Story. You can also follow him on another Twitter account @AngularMan.



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