• Nell Shamrell-Harrington
  • Lee Whalen
  • Scott Nixon

Episode Summary

Welcome to the first episode of the Adventures in DevOps podcast! The panelists Nell Shamrell-Harrington – Principal Engineer at Chef Software, Lee Whalen – Principal Engineer and President at Fuzzy Logic Tech, and Scott Nixon – Founder at Cloud Mechanics, kickstart the show by introducing themselves and their work. They begin the discussion by attempting to answer the fundamental question – What really is DevOps? They discuss at length the intersection of DevOps with cloud native computing. They talk about what it means to implement the DevOps way of working, what factors does it depend on, the importance of having a DevOps measuring index to make its deployment successful, prioritizing disaster recovery especially for startups, and the security concerns associated with DevOps deployment in general. This being the first episode, they discuss what they would each like to cover in the future episodes and come up with interesting topics. They end the episode with picks.



Nell Shamrell-Harrington:

Scott Nixon: