• Nell Shamrel-Harrington

  • Lee Waylin

  • Scott Nixon

Episode Summary

The panelists introduce themselves. Nell is a principal engineer at Chef, Lee runs the DevOps consulting team Fuzzy Logic Systems, and Scott runs Cloud Mechanics consulting. The topic of today’s podcast is containers. They begin by defining what a container is, with each sharing their own definition. Containers aren’t really new, they’re just a hot topic because companies like Docker made them easier to use and has brought them into the mainstream. The panelists agree that containers are not for storing data, only for running applications, but that data can be mounted to a container. This is one of the biggest beginner mistakes.

 They discuss situations that are conducive to the proper use of containers. Containers are best added to mature and large scale projects. They discuss the pros and cons of Kubernetes. The panel gives advice on how to start using containers, suggesting new users start by containerizing one thing at a time rather than trying to do it all at once. They remind listeners that if you want something to stick around for each deploy, it should not be in the container itself because containers are temporary. They talk about how to create a container, good patterns and anti-patterns found when using containers. They discuss possible security concerns with anti-patterns in containers. They finish by talking about other container orchestrators and how to get traffic to Docker boxes


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