DevOps 003: The Tool Chain Crisis with Priyanka Sharma


  • Charles Max Wood

  • Lee Whalen

  • Scott Nixon

Joined by Special Guest: Priyanka Sharma


Priyanka Sharma gives an intro to the tool chain crisis; the panel shares their perspective on the crisis and where they see this problem. The panel considers how to solve this problem and Priyanka outlines a solution. She gives examples of how to start the data modeling process she believes will help solve this crisis along with suggesting guard rails for developers. The panel discusses this solution and considers how this will work in startups and smaller companies compared to well-established companies with their own tooling. Priyanka shares how to overcome the “we invented it here” syndrome. The panel considers how to choose the tools and the criteria to follow when considering tools. 


The panel asks Priyanka about The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Priyanka explains how it works and how projects are submitted and chosen. She shares where she thinks the DevOps industry is going and how the true promise of DevOps can only be reached by putting it in the hands of developers. The panel ends with a discussion on developer compensation problems, an increase of workloads and the benefits and need for remote work. 



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