• Nell Shamrell-Harrington
  • Lee Whalen
  • Charles Max Wood

Joined by special guest: Bob Quillin

Episode Summary

This episode of the Adventures in DevOps podcast is joined by Bob Quillin, Vice President – Oracle Cloud Developer Relations, based in Austin, Texas. He manages a team of developer advocates working on cloud native solutions. He explains what developer advocacy means in terms of the work they do at Oracle and elaborates on the term 'second generation cloud'. He then talks about how feature compatibility works with different types of cloud platforms, moving legacy applications to cloud and the best practices involved in cloud operations in general.

With respect to the Oracle cloud, he talks about how isolation is achieved when dealing with different customer requirements, hybrid models and their inter-workings, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications on top of the cloud, GPUs, Kubernetes and managed services. He presents his thoughts on what could be the next big thing in cloud technology given that newer concepts are being introduced day by day, and shares anecdotes where clients such as CERN have migrated to Oracle's cloud infrastructure and even those who have transitioned from a different cloud provider to theirs. In the end, he mentions some of the most heavily used cloud features and applications, and they move on to picks.



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