DevOps 016: Kubernetes as Infrastructure Abstraction with Oleg Chunikin

In this episode of Adventures in DevOps the panel interviews Oleg Chuninkin, CTO of Kublr. Oleg starts by explains what Kublr is all about and how he got the idea of using Kubernetes as an infrastructure abstraction. He and the Kublr team were trying to decide the most productive way to think of Kubernetes.  


Oleg advocates for using Kubernetes locally and shares how you can then orchestrate your architecture so you can see what it will do in productions. Charles breaks down a few of the ideas Oleg shares. Oleg explains how the portability of Kubernetes can be used and shares recommendations with the panel on how to run a Kubernetes in a lightweight way. 


The panel asks Oleg about the pressure for a cloud independent service and how these effects application requirements. Oleg shares some resources in answer. Moving on the panel considers Olegs comment about the layered architectural approach. Oleg outlines the layered architectural approach and explains what he means by layered. He explains the benefits of this approach.



  • Scott Nixon

  • Charles Max Wood


  • Oleg Chunikin




Charles Max Wood:

Scott Nixon:

Oleg Chunikin: