DevOps 017: Improving User Experience by Logging with Grant Schofield

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In this episode Adventures in DevOps, the panel interviews Grant Schofield. Grant is Director of Infrastructure at Humio. He being by discussing the growth of logging and logging tools. Grant explains the business value of logging and analytics. He shares some real-life examples of how longing helped gain insight into the user experience.

The panel wonders how Humio takes the data gathered in the logs and separate out specifics of user experience. Grant explains that by aggregating all data in one place Humio uses the logs, tracing and other metrics to draw conclusions about user experience. He shares some of the conclusions that can be drawn from that data and explains that the conclusions all depend on what you are looking for.

The panel discusses how tracing traditionally works and asks Grant what process Humio uses to good sampling. Grant explains that sampling is a good way to save on costs and depends on how much indexing is taking place. He explains that knowing when to sample is very important if you want an accurate sample.

Compliance concerns are the next topic the panel discusses with Grant. He explains what Humio does to remain compliant and keep user info safe and private. The panel moves on to discuss index-free logging. Grant explains how index-free logging works. He explains how fast it is and how easily clients can retrieve their data.


  • Nell Shamrell-Harrington
  • Scott Nixon
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Grant Schofield



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Charles Max Wood:

Scott Nixon:

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Grant Schofield:


What is the business value in logging?

It gives direct access to the user experience.

What can sampling do?

Lower costs

What can index-free logging do?

Allows you to quickly come those tons of data to find a needle in a haystack?

How can you try Humio?

Go to and try your free trial today.

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