In this episode of Adventures in DevOps the panel interviews Lance Albertson. Lance Albertson works for the Oregon State Open Source Lab. The lab is a program at the Oregon State University that provides the infrastructure to open source projects. The program works with graduate students who walk away with valuable hands-on experience in DevOps. Lance starts by explaining how they choose graduate students and what their experience looks like working for the lab. 


Lance explains what they provide for the open source projects they support. He says they provide anything within reason and gives examples of some of the projects they are supporting. The panel asks about their hardware set up and Lance explains that they have a physical data center. He shares details of some of the hardware donated over the years. 


The panel asks how much work is managed by the students. Lance explains how open source projects can reach out to them and how they are chosen. Nell Shamrell-Harrington works for Chef and asks Lance how their Chef project is coming. Lance shares some of the work he has been doing on their exciting project. Finally, he tells the listeners how they can contribute to the lab. 


  • Nell Shamrell-Harrington

  • Charles Max Wood

  • Scott Nixon


  • Lance Albertson




Scott Nixon:

Nell Shamrell-Harrington:

Lance Albertson:

Charles Max Wood:


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