In this episode of Adventures in DevOps Charles Max Wood interviews Priya Nagpurkar, Paul Castro and Nick Mitchell. They all work for IBM and are here to talk about their new DevOps tool Kui. They start by explains what the IBM cloud research team is all about and what motivates them. Their goal is to make programming on the cloud as easy as possible. They share past tools that they have made for this goal. 

Charles asks the guests about the future of Kubernetes and DevOps. They explain why Kubernetes is so popular and what makes it a powerful tool. Kui is built mostly on Kubernetes. They discuss the evolution of DevOps tools. They compare CLIs and browser-based consoles and explain why people gravitate towards CLIs. Kui lets developers have the best of both worlds.

The guests walk Charles though different scenarios of getting started with Kui. The workflow of using Kui inside an established Kubernetes cluster is discussed. They also explain how to move over from a VPS easily with Kui. They explain how Kui betters the developer experience. They go over the features that make developers DevOps experiences easier.  They end by discussing how to get started in Kui if developers are new to Kubernetes.


  • Charles Max Wood


  • Priya Nagpurkar

  • Paul Castro

  • Nick Mitchell




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